Advanced Healer

Our healing system allows you to customize the way your character heals in several ways, allowing you to personalize it enough to survive the toughest dungeons.

Different healing conditions will allow you to heal at randomized health and mana points. The healer can also start healing at one point and it will not stop before reaching a chosen condition.

We have 4 different sets of healing rules: Spell HealerPotion HealerCondition Healer and Mana Trainer. This way you can use spells and potions at the same time, heal your character from conditions (such as paralyze, poison or burning), or make runes and use spells to train your mana. And much more!

Customizable Cavebot

The cavebot system is not only easy to use and make paths with. It introduces a new concept for cavebot waypoints: Waypoint Tabs. Each tab contains a list of waypoint nodes, lets you keep your waypoints organized and makes it easy for you to start your cavebot from any position on the map.

Special Areas will make your scripts safe by avoiding holes and dangerous areas, skipping a bad path, etc.

To extend cavebot’s functionality you can add Cavebot Scripts. Those are Lua Scripts that will only run with cavebot enabled.

We have several types of waypoint nodes: StandWalkNodeShovelRope and others. We also have Action waypoints, which allow you to do things like: open doors, go to labels, deposit items, withdraw cash, etc.

There is also a new feature called Cavebot User Options, which lets you switch custom settings for a script by using widgets like checkboxes, spinboxes and comboboxes.

Accurate & Fast-Setup Looting

We tested the looting system at the most stressful hunting places: dragons throwing fire bombs, items falling above your loot and several monsters killing you at once. During those tests Nuvobot managed to loot over 95% of dead bodies!

Also, we made it extremely easy to build looting lists, and you can make one in as fast as 3 mouse clicks! Nuvobot has a database feature integrated with a customizable set of items dropped by each monster, and the Auto-Generate Loot List feature is built upon that.

The bot also has the capability of ignoring not-so-valuable corpses, alert if a rare item was dropped and to prioritize more packed bodies.

Supplies & Built-In Loot Counter

The never before seen Supplies System will allow you to configure refillers with as little as 2 script lines!

You can for example build supplies lists for several vocations and levels. This way, you can quickly switch the supplies configurations for your different characters or hunting styles.

By combining supplies with looting, we were able to make a built-in Loot Counter. To enable it, just start cavebotting and enable the HUD script: LootCounter.lua

Lua Scripting

Nuvobot scripting system is based on the well-known Lua Language.

Coding scripts in Lua will allow you to display things on screen, play sounds, operate on files and make the bot emulate almost any mouse and keyboard events.

And to make it even easier to code we added a few features to the language, like native variables, foreach iterators, init blocks, and more…

But you don’t have to be a scripter to be able to make use of this feature right away. Our community has several good scripters and some professional scripters aswell. Please visit our forums to check out our scripts.

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